Hot Tub Resurfacing in Washington

Spa Resurfacing Washington

Commercial Resurfacing

Due to the hot water in hot tubs, a deterioration of the plaster surface is observed. Hot water is very aggressive on plaster hot tubs, and causes rapid breakdown

A Glasscoat surface will eliminate these defects:

  1. Spalling of plaster 
  2. Discoloration and difficult cleaning 
  3. Staining – also in hot springs & mineral water 
  4. Roughness & cracks 
  5. Black algae infestation 
  6. Unsightly appearance & loss of aesthetics 
  7. Snagged bathing suites, and uncomfortable environment for bathers 
Hot Tub Resurfacing Washington

GRC Glasscoat Spray

Applied Coatings for Hot Tubs

A Glasscoat surface will eliminate these defects, and prevent repeated resurfacing. A 25 yr system is applied. The surface is inert and corrosion resistant, and is unaffected by elevated temperatures, and hot tub water. This finish will save the owner on-going maintenance costs, and create a better environment for bathers. Field observation shows deterioration of replastered hot tubs within 3 years. Additionally, FRP will not get rough like pebble & quartz plaster finishes.