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Glasscoat Pool Resurfacing

The superior material to restore your pool’s interior.

Spray-Tec Glasscoat Pool Resurfacing, LLC is a pool and spa resurfacing contractor serving customers in Washington State and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We provide a one-time solution for commercial and residential swimming pools and spas by using an exceptionally durable composite material called Glasscoat.

Glasscoat helps to eliminate algae, discoloration and staining, roughness and spalling, high chemical usage, and other common problems associated with concrete, gunite, plaster and Fiberglass pool surfaces.

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Why Glasscoat is the Best Choice

Glasscoat is a microglass fiber reinforced polymer coating that has modernized pool refinishing. It is designed to maximize pool water condition and ensure a long-lasting inert surface barrier that provides a masonry-free connection between the water and the pool substrate. 

Think of Glasscoat as a “shell” that seals and protects your pool and spa surfaces.

Glasscoat outperforms and outlasts conventional pool resurfacing materials such as epoxy and rubber-based pool paints, PVC vinyl liners, and porous cementitious plaster finishes. It can considerably lower chemical usage, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of pools and spas, thereby providing a good return on investment.

Not only is Glasscoat a practical choice for pool refinishing, but it also delivers a beautiful, bright, sparkling look that permanently remedies a dull, lackluster appearance, and instantly improves the aesthetic appeal of pools and spas.  

The non-abrasive surface of a Glasscoated pool or spa is softer on your feet and is not as rock-hard as concrete or pebble finishes. Glasscoat has a texture similar to an orange peel, with just enough texture for grip so that it is not slippery when wet.