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Pool Resurfacing in Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and North America

Spray-Tec Glasscoat Pool Resurfacing provides a superior way to resurface commercial or residential swimming pools, hot tubs, waterslides and other aquatic surfaces throughout Washington State and North America.

As an alternative to replastering with conventional cement-based plaster, our certified applicators resurface pools and spas with an exceptionally durable and attractive corrosion-resistant finish called Glasscoat.

What is Glasscoat?

Glasscoat is the material that has modernized pool refinishing over the past three decades. It is a specialized, industrial-strength glass-fiber infused polymer coating applied using state-of-the-art plural component spray equipment. Think of it as a “shell” that seals, protects and waterproofs. 

Glasscoat is a versatile nonporous composite that can be applied to concrete, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. It delivers a beautiful, sparkling look and permanently remedies a dull, lackluster appearance – instantly improving the aesthetic appeal of pools and hot tubs.  

Benefits of Glasscoat

Glasscoat is the solution for premium pool restoration. It eliminates cracks, leaks, rough surfaces, discoloration, algae, spalling and staining. It is backed by a 2-year warranty and is guaranteed to outlast and outperform other resurfacing materials, including pebble, quartz, and PVC. 

Glasscoat requires virtually no periodic maintenance and is immune to the damaging effects of pool chemicals. It will keep your pool or hot tub in pristine and inviting condition for many years to come.

Glasscoat offers superior strength and durability far beyond that of traditional plaster, paint, gel-coatings or vinyl liners, and provides considerably lower maintenance and operational costs. 

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